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It’s more important now than ever for older adults to stay active while we shelter in place. We’ll want to emerge from this crisis stronger and more vigorous than ever.

It’s easy to become complacent and sedentary when confined to our homes but it’s vitally important that we take action to stay strong and fit. To accomplish this goal we’ll need to challenge ourselves each day.

StepWISEnow is here to work together with you to meet this challenge.

Falls continue to be a major concern for older adults but we can take this opportunity to focus on our fitness - specifically our balance fitness.

A daily balance fitness workout challenges the brain and body for a total mind-body workout.

So, Let’s get started!

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Balance fitness is the secret to living a vibrant, independent life.

StepWISEnow is committed to providing high-quality, evidence-based balance fitness and fall prevention programming for our Westchester County community. We seek to empower people to be proactive about preventing falls so that they may remain optimally active and independent in their homes and communities.

The Benefits of Balance Fitness


Increase your core strength


Improve your flexibility and range of motion


Boost your energy and vitality


Reduce and prevent dangerous falls


Increase your agility


Improve your stamina

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you have to keep moving.”

~Albert Einstein

Workshops, Classes & Programs


Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention

This gentle class is perfect for anyone interested in learning more about tai chi and how it can help you increase your strength, balance and stability while also reducing your stress and strengthening your mind, body, and spirit.

Core Connect

Core Connect is a mat class that strengthens the core and lengthens the whole body through deep relaxation; core, hip, back and leg strengthening exercises and gentle stretching.


Balance Basics

Balance Basics is a great introduction to balance fitness. The class combines seated strength and flexibility exercises with standing balance and agility activities that you can do at home every day. You will feel your balance improve and begin to feel more confident about how to improve your balance and feel more stable.

Seated Stretch & Strength

This dynamic seated class strengthens the whole body and provides a great workout!  Strength, flexibility and cardiac exercises are supported and enhanced by the chair. You don't have to be standing to exercise. You'll gain all of the fitness benefits without leaving your seat and you'll be gaining the strength and flexibility you'll need for standing and moving with confidence.


LineUP! Line Dancing for Balance & Agility

Take your balance skills onto the dance floor with LineUp! LineDancing.

This fun, energizing class for men and women is a great way to enjoy and show off your balance and agility skills while moving in time to great music you love!

And ~ You don’t need a partner to enjoy all of the benefits line dancing has to offer.

Ballet for Balance

Have you ever wanted to take a ballet class and thought it was too late? Or do you miss the ballet of your childhood? Ballet for Balance is a wonderful and effective way to gain strength and stamina, enhancing posture and coordination and develop grace and poise! It's a lot of fun!



In addition to our regular classes, we also offer a series of workshops designed to help you learn more about your body while improving your balance, your posture and your stride. You’ll discover what you can do to stay physically and mentally healthy and active throughout your life.