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It’s more important now than ever for each of us to stay active. We’ll want to emerge from this crisis stronger than ever.

But let's face it -- it’s easy to become complacent and sedentary when confined to our homes and yet, it’s vitally important that we take action to stay strong and fit. To accomplish this goal we’ll need to challenge ourselves each day.

StepWISEnow is here to workout with you to meet this challenge and make it fun!

Avoiding a fall is especially important at this time and we know that just a few minutes of balance fitness each day can make a real difference.

So, Let’s get started!

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Balance fitness is the secret to living a vibrant, independent life.

StepWISEnow is committed to providing high-quality, evidence-based balance fitness and fall prevention programming for our Westchester County community. We seek to empower people to be proactive about preventing falls so that they may remain optimally active and independent in their homes and communities.

The Benefits of Balance Fitness


Increase your core strength


Improve your flexibility and range of motion


Boost your energy and vitality


Reduce and prevent dangerous falls


Increase your agility


Improve your stamina

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you have to keep moving.”

~Albert Einstein

Workshops, Classes & Programs


Tai Chi Classes

Tai Chi Energy is a gentle 20-minute introductory class perfect for anyone interested in learning more about tai chi and it's many benefits.

Tai Chi for Arthritis & Fall Prevention: Level I is a are more advanced introductory program created by Dr. Paul Lam, recommended by the National Council on Aging and proven to be effective in reducing fall risk for older adults.

Tai Chi for Arthritis & Fall Prevention: Level II is for students who have mastered Level 1 and are ready to advance their skills.


Core Strengthening

A strong core is vital to stability. These programs help you get started and advance!

Core Connect is a gentle introduction to core strengthening using deep relaxation, breathing and progressive strengthening to connect to and engage the core: pelvic floor, abdominal, hip, back and leg muscles.
More Core is an advanced core strengthening workout for students who have mastered Core Connect.





Balance Basics & Fall Prevention


Balance Basics is a great introduction to balance fitness. This class combines supported-standing balance and agility activities to do at home every day with strategies and tips on preventing falls.




Seated Workouts

You don't have to be standing to enjoy and benefit from a great workout. You'll love these 20-minute workouts!

Power Chair! This dynamic seated class strengthens the whole body and provides a great workout! 

Chair Yoga Strengthen, lengthen, restore and empower your body, mind spirit using the chair to support your workout.

Zumba Chair! Get a great dance workout without leaving your seat! Dancing is great for the soul and the body!

Tai Chi Chair Strengthen your posture, breath and body while experiencing the meditative and empowering benefits of tai chi.



Dance & Endurance Workouts!


TAKE TEN! This 10-minute simple-stepping workout is great for bone and heart health.

Line Dance! Take your balance skills on to the dance floor with this fun energizing class for men and women. It's a true brain-body-balance workout!


Zumba Gold! This energizing dance workout will lift your mood and energize your soul. Yes! You CAN dance!


Ballet for Balance Develop strength, poise, posture and balance while connecting to your inner ballerina with this ballet barre workout.


A Matter of Balance: Managing Concerns about Falls

This 8 week fall prevention program is a MUST for anyone who has had a stumble, taken a fall, or is simply concerned about falling. Available online in March 2021!

Developed to help older adults cope with concerns about falling -- this engaging program combines problem-solving, strategy-building and gentle exercise to provide participants with everything they need to know to prevent a fall.


Workshops & Presentations

Would you like a presentation on fall prevention for your book club, place of worship, sorority or club? Falls Are Preventable! is a lively, engaging presentation covering just what you need to know to prevent a fall.

In addition, we also offer a series of workshops designed to help you learn more about your body while improving your balance, your posture and your stride. You’ll discover what you can do to stay physically and mentally healthy and active throughout your life.

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