Core Strengthening

Your core connects your upper and lower body and is essential for stability.

Core Connect

Core Connect is a mat class that strengthens the core and lengthens the whole body through deep relaxation; core, hip, back and leg strengthening exercises and gentle stretches.


More Core

More Core is an advanced mat class for students who have mastered Core Connect and are ready to progress!



You Will Learn:

  • How to access your core muscles and begin to strengthen them
  • A position of deep relaxation for your spine and mind that relieves pain and tightness
  • Exercises that build hip, core, back and leg strength
  • Stretches that lengthen the body gently
  • About the importance of a strong core for your balance and stability

Who Should Attend:

  • Anyone interested in strengthening their core muscles
  • Anyone interested in relieving pain and tightness in the back and hips
  • Anyone interested in strengthening their hips, buttocks, back and thighs
  • Anyone interested in lengthening the body and relieving pain caused by tightness

What to expect in Class:

  • Most exercises are performed lying on your back on a mat on the floor
  • Exercises are also performed lying on your side and stomach
  • Props (exercise ball and yoga strap) are used to increase muscle strength and length