Zumba Gold

Improve Your Fitness, Flexibility, and Balance Through Rhythm and Dance

 Zumba Gold® is a series of fitness programs and classes designed to bring all the fun, excitement, and dance rhythms of the original Zumba program to a wider audience

This program is perfect for beginners, active older adults, and people with mobility challenges. Participants will have fun while improving their balance, flexibility, strength, and stamina.

Length of Class

2 x week ongoing

Class Size

15-20 Participants

You Will Learn:

  • How to dance to rhythms of different countries and time periods
  • How to make modifications to movements when appropriate
  • To enjoy regular physical activity that improves balance, endurance and coordination

Who Should Attend?

  • Active adults – men and women included!
  • Anyone who loves music and likes to move
  • Anyone who likes to have fun
  • Anyone looking for a fun, supportive social network
  • Anyone looking for a workout that doesn’t feel like work

What Happens During Class?

  • Perform simple dance steps to music
  • Progress from simple to more advanced movement combinations
  • Dance ~ even if you have never danced before!
  • Enjoy moving to great music in a party atmosphere!

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