Tai Chi    

Improving Balance and Enhancing Mindfulness through Tai Chi

Tai Chi is one of the most effective ways to improve balance.  The practice of the slow, graceful movements of this Chinese martial art also increase strength, stamina, flexibility and cognitive focus. 

3 Class Levels

  • Tai Chi Energy is our 20-minute introductory class and is a great introduction for beginners.

Tai Chi for Arthritis & Fall Prevention: Level I and II

  • Tai Chi I is an entry level class designed by Dr. Paul Lam to be safe, easy, and enjoyable for all - including those with arthritis.  The movement sequences are adapted from traditional tai chi specifically to improve the balance of older adults.
  • Tai Chi II is a more advanced class for students who want to continue to progress their tai chi practice.

Length of Class

Classes are offered 2-3 x week ongoing

Class duration ranges from 20 - 30 minutes

Class Availability

Live and On-Demand Classes

You Will Learn:

  • How to prepare the body to move with gentle warm up exercises
  • How to perform 7 continuous tai ihi movement sequences
  • How to perform tai chi on your own
  • How to reduce stress and enhance mindfulness

Who Should Attend:        

  • Anyone looking to improve muscle strength, stamina, coordination and flexibility
  • Anyone looking to improve balance and decrease the risk of falls
  • Anyone who wants to reduce pain and stiffness
  • Anyone who wants improved mindfulness
  • Anyone who wants improved sleep
  • Anyone who wants improved overall wellness and relaxation

What Happens During Class:

  • Gentle warm-up activities prepare joints and muscles for movement
  • Tai chi movement sequences are practiced with emphasis on weight shift, posture, and mindfulness
  • Progressive deepening of understanding and skill as tai chi movement forms are practiced
  • Relaxing centering to cool down

What Our Customers Say

I truly love the tai chi class because it allows me to control my pain and keep flexible. I don't fall as much because I know how to balance myself. I love being in the new studio!

After going 2x/week for approximately one month, my husband and I have already experienced results in applying muscle memory to our daily lives. The results are way beyond our expectations given how quickly we see changes.

I am now able to recalibrate my balance when I feel myself unwittingly shifting off balance and can can realign my body. I feel I know what to do to fix it.

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