Balance Basics

Balance Basics is an effective standing workout that includes strengthening, flexibility and balance activities that can be done every day.

This class is also a great introduction to our other balance fitness offerings AND you'll learn tips for preventing falls.

Length of Class

20 - 30 minutes. Twice a Week

You Will Learn:

  • Balance fitness exercises and activities to do at home
  • How to progress your balance activities as your balance improves
  • How to move safely with stability and confidence
  • Tips and strategies on how to prevent falls
  • How to get up from a chair, turn and navigate obstacles safely
  • An introduction to other balance fitness programs such as tai chi and line dance

Who Should Attend:

  • Anyone who wants to improve their balance and agility
  • Anyone who wants to learn balance exercises for home
  • Anyone who wants to improve their confidence and stability
  • Anyone who wants to improve their gait
  • Anyone who wants to improve their posture, general strength and flexibility

What to expect in Class:

  • Each class begins with a seated warm up with strength and flexibility exercises
  • Participants practice the most efficient ways to walk and to stand from a chair
  • Participants learn a variety of balance fitness activities to improve their static, dynamic and reactive balance skills
  • Participants enjoy encouraging others and challenging themselves with higher level activities as their balance fitness improves and they feel more confident
  • Participants will have an opportunity to discuss their own experiences with slips, trips and falls and share what strategies they are using to prevent future falls
  • Participants will be introduced to other balance fitness practices such as tai chi and line dance